About the Yarns

Jagger Spun Yarn began when Uriah B. Jagger and his family moved to Maine in 1884. Since then, the name has been synonymous with high-quality worsted spun yarns.  Today, their tradition continues with dyed, heather, and white yarns spun from 100% wool and blends with natural and synthetic fiber – all manufactured in Springvale, Maine.

Founded in 2006, Madelinetosh, affectionately known as Mad | Tosh, found its humble beginnings in the form of an Etsy shop based in Fort Worth, Texas. Fast forward to today, the brand has grown into a team of more than 40 creatives, dyers, and yarn experts with a passion for color, selling direct to customers and to local yarn shops around the world. In the Fall of 2019, the Mad | Tosh team was welcomed into the Jimmy Beans family, led by the visionary Laura Zander and her animal-loving husband, Doug. Since then, Laura and her team have been charged with preserving the Mad | Tosh legacy so many (including herself) fell in love with from the very beginning – a legacy of decadent yarns, innovative dyeing methods, and original uses of color.

Eternity Ranch Knits has been involved in every part of the yarn process from raising sheep, to spinning, to dying.  They took a break from raising the animals and started hand dying yarn 8 years ago.  This is a small batch indie dyer out of Florida with a very high quality product comparable to the top hand dyed yarns in the country.

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