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About Me

When I first decided to switch to natural fibers, I started with what came natural to me, crochet. It wasn’t long after I learned about yarn stores. I remember my first time stepping into my local yarn shop and seeing the amazing world that I had never seen before. The hand dyes, the colors, the wool, the alpaca, the blends, the organic cotton! I wanted to live there! I wanted to make everything, and I did, sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, you name it! Pretty soon yarn and crochet hooks were scattered throughout my entire house.

I very much wanted knitting and crocheting to be a larger part of my life, so when my wonderful husband suggested that I should sell kits, I thought that was genius! I fully believe that everyone, absolutely everyone, should create at least one of their own garments. Just to see what it means to make something that you wear. The time, the love, the patience, the skill. I think it would replace the endless ‘stuff’ mentality that so many people have today.”